"Superb Two Hander" (★★★★x2)

“Superb Two Hander” (★★★★x2)

Two more fantastic four star reviews are out for His Final Bow.

Writing for The List Magazine, Lorna Irvine praises the “brilliant twosome” of James Mackenzie and Alex, calling them

…both excellent, by turns savage and subtle.

It’s a really fantastic write up, and a great piece of theatre journalism as well.  Definitely worth reading the whole thing here.


Further accolades come from Mark Fisher in today’s Scotsman.  He praises the “punchy,” “tight production” and expounds on the contemporary political parallels of the piece.  Full write up here.

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A Rollicking two-hander that deserves to be a Hot Ticket

★★★★ from Mary Brennan in today’s Herald for His Final Bow, which plays at Oran Mor in Glasgow through Saturday, and will show at the Traverse Theatre and then Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree over the next two weeks.


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Alex as Example

Alex as Example

In a new article for The Scotsman Magazine about international theatre artists living and working in Scotland, journalist and theatre critic Mark Fisher today referred to Alex as

a prime example of the way foreign artists can enrich Scotland’s cultural scene.

As a champion of international co-creation in theatre, Alex is ‘well chuffed’ to be endorsed with such an accolade.  He is also pleased to be mentioned among such distinguished company as Alaskan Tyler Collins and Brazilian Flavia D’Avila.  All three have had their own struggles navigating the UK Immigration regulations, and, while Alex is pleased to be welcomed as an ‘Artist of Exceptional Promise,’ he recognises how privileged he is to have received such a designation and he encourages other artists and fans of this kind of work to do whatever they can to support the working rights of other artists treading similar paths.

For more info about Tyler Collins please see http://www.thetwometerman.com/


All that said, if you want to donate to a cause, Alex reminds you that Collins, D’Avila, and himself all come from relatively tame home countries – none of them fear for their lives in the event of failed visa applications, and all three have access to significant additional support, both in the UK and elsewhere.  So if you want to support someone whose permission to stay in the UK is truly a matter of life and death, please consider donating to a refugee charity such as The Scottish Refugee Council.

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His Final Bow - A Play, A Pie, and A Pint

His Final Bow – A Play, A Pie, and A Pint

Alex will next appear in the world premiere of Peter Arnott’s new play, His Final Bow with A Play, A Pie, and a Pint.  Alex plays Davey, the fanboy that helped John Wilkes Booth go into hiding after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln.  


Alex has worked with Peter in various capacities on a number of occasions and this will be their third world premiere together.  All three plays focus on forgotten episodes/characters in American history.  2012’s Why Do You Stand There In The Rain? won a Scotsman Fringe First and was shortlisted for the Brighton Fringe, Holden Street Theatres, and Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Awards.


His Final Bow stars Steven McNicoll as John Wilkes Booth and is directed by Ken Alexander.  It plays at:

Oran Mor, Glasgow, 10-15 April – Click here for tickets

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 17-22 April – Click here for tickets

Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 24-29 April – Click here for tickets

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